Monday, October 4, 2010

Paris 2010: Is the Venturi America EV Dune Buggy another awesome EV we'll never see?

Venturi America EV Dune Buggy

Venturi was last seen in America a couple of months ago, blasting across the white crystals at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the guise of the Buckeye Bullet. At the Paris Motor Show, the Monegasque company revealed a different kind of terrain-blasting machine called the America EV Dune Buggy – a jacked-up, 300-horsepower, rear-wheel-drive electric sports car as open and free as the great land it's named after.

The interior would be admirably minimal if things hadn't got cluttered up around the console screen, but the center tunnel buttons are a chunky, metallic pleasure to behold. The single display in front of the driver will hopefully present information clearly enough to keep your eyes on the road and your hair in the wind. And we aren't sure what kind of stereo is involved, but based on the speakers it looks pretty serious.

As for actually getting behind the wheel and exploring the roadster's namesake country, a retail source for Venturis has just landed in Columbus, Ohio, which means we might one day see something from the automaker outside of a blog post.


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