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Reviews Sport Car Collection Of Various Sources

Auto Keirning Cars

Reviews Sport Car Collection Of Various Sources

Auto Keirning Cars

Reviews Sport Car Collection Of Various Sources

Auto Keirning Cars

Reviews Sport Car Collection Of Various Sources

Auto Keirning Cars

Reviews Sport Car Collection Of Various Sources

Friday, September 30, 2011

2012 Rolls Royce Ghost by Need4Speed Motorsports and ADV.1 wheels

Two California-based aftermarket specialists ADV.1 Wheels and Need4Speed Motorsports have presented their collaboration on this Rolls-Royce Ghost, which seems enough to provide a British luxury, comfort and style car.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost rides on a set of classy 22″ ADV08 Deep Concave wheels, finished in a brushed center spoke and a polished lip, a natural option on a black car with chromed accents, wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion tires.

Before taking these eyes to these awesome pictures, may I ask, why “Ghost”?
 #I see an angel on this car.

700HP Power Kit for Porsche 911 Turbo by TechArt (2.8sec for 0-100km/h)

German tuners of TechArt have presented their new updates to treat the (997) Porsche 911 Turbo. Offering a total output up to 700HP and 880 Nm (649 lb-ft) from the 3.8-liter boxer unit, with an awesome 2.8 seconds of sprint time for 0-100km/h range and a top speed of 352 km/h (219 mph).

The uplifted power from the stock’s 500HP thanks to the adding of TA 097/T3 kit, which brings the tuner’s new stuff such as sport air filter, manifolds, high performance intercoolers, engine styling package in carbon-fiber, and also the TechArt VTG turbochargers. Details after the break.

Press Release:

2.8 sec from 0 to 100 km/h – TECHART power kit for the Porsche 911 Turbo

With its power of 700 hp and 900 Nm torque the TECHART GTStreet RS based on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS made the visitors of the Frankfurt Motor Show excited. Now TECHART presents another exciting power kit with more then 700 hp. The TA 097/T3 for the Porsche 911 Turbo ensures excellent acceleration figures and a new top speed for the super sports car.

Equipped with a plus of 174 kW (200 hp) and 230 Nm torque compared to the series model the 3.8-liter boxer engine fulfils impressive 515 kW (700 hp) and a maximum torque of 880 Nm. Excellent performance data underline the experience and skill of the TECHART engineers in the further development of the engine system. With fascinating 2.8 seconds for the classic sprint from 0 to 100 km/h the super sports car undercuts the fabulous time of the power kit TA 097/T2 by a tenth. The 200 km/h barrier is broken in 9.0 seconds. The forward propulsion stops not until impressive 352 km/h.

The engine conversion involves the installation of the TECHART sport air filter, TECHART manifolds, the TECHART Turbo chargers VTG, the TECHART high performance intercoolers as well as the TECHART engine styling package in carbon-fibre. All modifications are perfectly attuned to each other via the reprogrammed engine management.

Bentley Continental GT with 22 inch D2Forged MB2 Wheels

The one you’re seeing right now is a modified Bentley Continental GT by Klutch22 which features a set of 22 inch D2Forged MB2 wheels. This presenting how the wheels need to have durability but don’t let go what’s called a style. How durable? This car has taken off by its owner for this year’s Bullrun Rally. Not only for occasion, but it got its roads along from Canada to the starting point of the Rally in Las Vegas.

Read how the car gets its a fully description at the press release after the break. Don’t miss to browse the gallery, they all are awesome pics.

Press Release:

A Bentley GT did the entire Bullrun rally on 22″ D2FORGED Wheels!!!

We are asked many times are our wheels durable. Can they stand the test of daily driving. Yes, they can. We got more than enough scientific data to prove it all, but one test, a test that goes greater lengths than any lab coat figure crunching scientist can bring you is the one to rule them all (no LOTR pun intended).

When you decide to enter into a partnership with a company like Klutch22, it can only go big. And big it went. Klutch22′s Bentley Continental GT was the vehicle selected to be the project car, it will prove to any non-believers what quality forged wheels can endure. With 22″ D2FORGED MB2′s to take the burden of a high mileage abuse, it was all set and done for a great adventure.

As you may already know, Bullrun Rally is one of the popular road race rallies going on in the United States for quite some time. Going from Las Vegas to Miami it’s no small feat, no matter what car you are doing it in. Combine that with driving on different roads, surfaces, damages to both the car and wheels are something that cannot be avoided.

But D2FORGED MB2 wheels and the Bentley Continental GT stood up to the challenge! Not only that! Owner and competitor in this year’s Bullrun Rally took his car all the way from Canada to the starting point of the Rally in Las Vegas!

So there you have it. After thousands of miles, after use and abuse of all kinds. Neither the car or the wheels showed any signs of weakness. Wait, there was one flat tire due to a nail. But hey, a small price to pay for great and amazing looks, great performance and worry-free driving on D2FORGED wheels.


We have been producing Brake Discs on our new Hardinge CNC Lathe, the benefit of these are that the curved grooves clean the surface of the pad and allow gases produced to escape and improving the friction characteristics. This effects overall friction and improved bite or release of your brakes, the backward facing groves run out on outside diameter to clear debris. These will soon be available from Kit Spares.

Also Zero customer David Tough has sent us some photographs of his Zero build which by the look of it is coming along nicely and is not to far off completion.

The next shows GBS and Kit Spares will be attending will be Exeter Kit Car Show on the 22nd & 23rd October, Motor Sport UK (Coventry) 5th & 6th November and then The Professional Motor Sport Show in Cologne Germany 15th, 16th and 17th November.

Kit Spares is adding new products everyday please visit or call 01623 860 990 and for more information about the Zero range and to book a test drive please visit

You can now become a fan of GBS and Kit Spares on facebook

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekly Featured Tuner Car: 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe Tuning

On the outside, the Infiniti G35 Tuner has a custom paint and color using Lamborghini color codes.  The tuned Infiniti G35 is completely debadged and installed with authentic 4 piece Kenstyle modified body kit.

The Kenstyle G35 has a wide body with metal fenders.  Its handles are shaved with custom door popper.  Its OEM gas door is replaced with a custom one and it has a Top Secret carbon fiber hood.  The hood dampers are also from Top Secret.

At the rear, the tuned Infiniti G35′s spoiler and bumper are uniquely molded.  Tail lights are replaced with 06 JDM tail lights with painted body color.

At the front, the Infiniti G35 tuner has 500K HID upgraded head light and bumper fog lights.  Its head lights are customized with angel eyes and LED’s.

The Infiniti G35 tuning rides on Modsport S1 3pc forged rims with ARP extended wheel studs and Project Kics racing extended lug nuts.  It is equipped with Wilwood big brake kit, Tein type flex coilover, Cusco sway bars and a-arms, SPL parts and more… (See Modifications below fore more details)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Prior-Design AUDI R8 - new images from L.A


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