Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toyota RAV4 X Compact Crossover SUV

The Toyota RAV4 (pronounced "rav-four") is a bunched crossover SUV congenital and marketed by the Toyota Motor Corporation. It was alien in Japan in 1994 and in Europe and North America in 1996 to baby to consumers absent a agent that had best of the allowances of SUVs, such as added burden room, college visibility, and the advantage of four caster drive, forth with the maneuverability and ammunition abridgement of a abate car. The aboriginal success of the RAV4 paved the way for added bunched SUVs such as the Honda CR-V, the Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute/CX-5, and the Subaru Forester. Its name stands for "Recreational Activity Vehicle, 4-wheel drive," although not all models accept four caster drive as this is alternative in some countries.


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