Monday, January 11, 2010

Detroit 2010: Audi e-tron Detroit Concept

Audi e-tron Detroit Concept

Audi is serious about EVs. Over the last four months, the four-ringed automaker has put out three (well, really 2.5) electric vehicle concepts: the first e-tron in Frankfurt, a repainted, slightly modified version in LA, and now this, the third e-tron – easily the best iteration to date.

Slightly shorter yet just as wide as its predecessors, the Motown e-tron is a refined version of the concepts that came before it, with electric motors driving each wheel and putting out a total of 204 horsepower and 1,955 pound-feet of torque (through some creative mathematics).

Comprised of an aluminum spaceframe coupled with a smattering of carbon fiber bodywork, the e-tron tips the scales at 2,976 pounds (550 pounds less than the previous concepts). With its reduced weight, more refined packaging and reworked drivetrain, the e-tron hits 60 mph in 5.9 seconds and – more tellingly – dispatches the run from 37 to 75 in 5.1 seconds. Audi claims the e-tron can run on a single charge for 155 miles after topping up from a 230-volt socket for 11 hours.

Along with a reworked interior, a new heat pump to boost efficiency and adaptive headlamps that modify their brightness and direction based on weather and steering input. Naturally, Quattro is part of the package, with the torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system splitting the power 40:60 front-to-rear.

Audi restated that a production version of the e-tron will go on sale in late 2012, and this most recent concept is a clearer indication of what we'll see on the road in two year's time. Not only that, but Audi insists that the name "e-tron" will be a brand within the brand – like Quattro is today – and that means more e-tron-equipped models are most definitely in our future.


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