Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SEMA 2010: Stasis holds its own with Signature Series S4 and S5

This may be Audi's first year at SEMA, but that doesn't mean other tuning houses haven't worked up some four-ringed hotness just for the Vegas show. Stasis, for example, shows off its Signature Series S4 and S5 which get by with 'just' 410 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque from their supercharged V6s, otherwise normally rated at 333 hp and 344 lb-ft.

Stasis says the 25 percent boost in power comes from nothing more than an ECU tune and its own free-flow exhaust that uses "cross flow pulse scavenging technology." The wheels are pulled from the Stasis well, either 20-inches of lightweight, cast spokes or the same diameter in ultra-lightweight forged spokes. Together with the power and the Yokohama rubber, both cars are said to be capable of achieving 1.0 gs in the corners. Suspension and brakes get some love as well.


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