Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chevrolet camaro ss meets cv2 xtreme concave wheels by d2forged

It doesn’t matter if you call this as an eye turner, or stanced, this Camaro SS absolutely has style. Yep, just like what the tuner has stated. Thing what we meant is this muscle which has been outfitted the the latest product from American wheels-specialist D2Forged, named CV2 Xtreme Concave Wheel — featuring a massive 22 inch diameter extreme deep concave forging with completely new lathe profile and mill programs.

The CV2 Xtreme Concave wheel well-done appeared as the result of “to design a wheel clearing those huge brake calipers, to increase the depth of concavity and to retain a proper fitment within the stock fenders” tasks. As you can see, the wheels are showing off its design sizing 22×9.5″ front width with 3.0″ lip and a staggering 11.5″ rear width with 4.5″ lip.

Hit the break to see how the wheel specialist described this masterpiece.

Press Release:

Camaro SS and D2Forged CV2 Xtreme Concave! Living the D2LIFE!
 The Camaro SS is one of the most popular muscle cars on the street, but the wheels are certainly in need of an upgrade!

With the extremely high offset, and huge Brembo calipers on the Camaro SS, the average wheel designs don’t cut it. Just check out the “concave” wheels you see on these cars day to day … the back wheel is practically flat! Not to mention that in most cases the rear lip is pitifully small.

When we decided to design a deep concave wheel for Camaro, our engineering team refused to accept these limitations, and got to work! The first obstacle was to design a wheel that clears those huge brake calipers, the second was to increase the depth of concavity, the third was retain proper fitment within stock fenders. This was done by re-engineering the 22″ diameter extreme deep concave forging, with completely new lathe profile and mill programs. This extensive redesign allowed the use deeper lip sections, and wider width!

Final measurements: 22×9.5″ front width with 3.0″ lip and a staggering 11.5″ rear width with 4.5″ lip!

The concavity is deep, the lip is deep, and the fenders have not been altered in any way! Bringing it all home is our “BBC” Finish which includes Brushed Aluminum Spoke Face, Hi-Polished Windows, and Full Clearcoat, with Chrome Lip.

Call it an eye turner, call it stanced, doesn’t matter! This Camaro SS has style!


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