Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mercedes SLR Mclaren L4P SLR777 Fastest SLR

Luxury4Play a.k.a L4P proudly present the L4P SLR777. Based on Mercedes SLR McLaren, the tuning company made this car into the one world’s fastest SLR. Mansory Factory equipped this ride with their body kit called Renovatio. RENNtech, Exotics Boutique, Platinum Motorsport, and MACarbon also collaborate to re-done the SLR’s stock.

RENNtech comes with supercharger and upgrade the SLR transmission. The L4P SLR777 produces 770 horsepower, which probably hit 134 mph on a quarter miles just only in 10.29 second. Interior parts was customized by MACarbon. Platinum Motorsport working the exterior body paint and fitted the ride with custom 20″ Agetro M140 Monoblock wheels.

Here is detail specs of the L4P SLR777 package.

RENNTECH SLR Performance Upgrades
 -ECU Upgrade
 -Sports Catalytic Exhaust Upgrade
 -Stainless Sport Sound and Performance SLR Mufflers
 -Stainless Steel Headers
 The RENNTECH SLR headers are developed and tested completely in house. They’re hand built from mandrel-bent seamless tubing, CNC machined stainless flanges, and include integrated o2 sensor mounting locations. The addition of these headers creates a deep distinctive yet harmonious sound which is entirely unique to any other sports car on the road.
 RENNTECH latest second generation intercooler pump; Dual kit, plus larger front intercooler. (intercooler pump flows an impressive 8.7 G.P.M. @ 11.6 P.S.I. compared to the OEM pumps 3.00 G.P.M.)

RENNTECH SLR Transmission Cooling Track Kit
 -CNC machined, Larger Transmission Oil Pan
 -Transmission Oil Pump
 -Large Transmission Radiator

RENNTECH Motor Sport Suspension Package 4
 -Racing Coilovers with 3 way adjustability and remote reservoir (for better cooling)
 -Race technology shocks

Custom Front Hydraulic Lift kit with Remote
 -The HLS 2 (Hydraulic Lift System) provides additional road clearance for lowered vehicles by raising the front axle suspension via the push of a button. When expanded, a range of up to 45 mm of lift is produced, thereby helping sport cars avoid road clearance difficulties such as speed bumps, road construction, etc. The system contained within the rear of the vehicle and is actuated by a push button on the optional remote (there by eliminating the need for any interior wiring).

RENNTECH Mercedes 722.6 Five Speed Transmission upgrade
 -With increased engine performance it becomes necessary to further improve the drive line components, most importantly the transmission in order to ensure maximum power is transmitted to the drive wheels without transmission slippage. This cannot be realized with software and only truly be accomplished by an internal mechanical upgrade to the transmission hardware. Our upgrade leads to improved shift response, shift timing and greater drivability under extreme conditions without sacrificing around town comfort. Our mechanical upgrades provide years of trouble free operation and have been tested to in vehicles producing over 800 hp and 1000 lb/ft of torque. The transmission is reassembled using all new gaskets, seals, o-rings, electrical connectors as well as a new transmission pan filter.

RENNTECH Performance differential, Super-Lock LSD
 -Functions as a traditional open differential in low and normal-load situations, transforming smoothly into a 100% full lock as loads rise.

RENNTECH SLR Performance Brakes
 -16.2″ Front Brakes, 8 piston calipers
 -14.2″ Rear Brakes
 -High-Performance Brake Pads
 -Braided Steel Lines (front and rear)


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