Sunday, April 29, 2012

KIKI RPG Premium V 1.4

KIKI RPG Premium v 1.4

The land had peace for fourteen years, since the defeat and exile of King Demon. Kiki Young's parents, who were among the legendary heroes who go face the Demon King, never to return. But peace is becoming increasingly agitated; creature started terrorizing peaceful citizens and residents of the village, and there are rumors of an ancient evil that appears in a distant land.

Joining Kiki on his adventure to find the missing parents and defeat emerging threats, and, in the process, be a hero.

Obtain and soothe the creature and use their power!
Harnessing the power of animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Wolf, Pig!
Keep the spirit tamed or they may leave you!
Make traps and bombs to help you battle!
Up Landmate you! Transportation Magical!
Ranches allows you to breed animals! Passive and active skills to build!
The mine ore, collect herbs, animal raising and collecting the tree! Hire an assistant to help you collect the goods of nature.
Find a NPC that can help you in your search! Funny characters and crazy adventures will help or hinder you!
Strange creatures, beautiful and scary and monsters to battle.
Cook your food on the ground with materials you find on your trip!
Create, strengthen and customize their own weapons, tools, traps and bombs!
Make up a new and better weapons and equipment more powerful!
Destroy unwanted items and use the powder to create a new, more useful item!
Increase the strengthening of weapons and equipment you already own!
Teleport around using magic box!
Explore the many, colorful, challenging landscapes! Funny and interesting graphics and animation.
Fun and funny quests and side missions!
massive number of items in online stores.

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