Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tokyo 2009: Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept

Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept

The Subaru Hybrid Tourer is sharp-nosed and an all-out sharp piece of car. The car's flat floor hides two electric motors, one aft that powers the car in low-speed acceleration and assists with acceleration, and one up front connected to a direct-injection turbocharged gas engine. The Tourer is also fitted with Subaru's trademark symmetrical all-wheel drive system and a Lineatronic CVT transmission.

As for its design, Subie officials tell us that the nose points the way for Subaru's new corporate face and the rest of the car indicates the general design language we'll see from the brand represented by the Pleiades. "It will be anti-Bangle, editing, not adding – cars have too many character lines now." But forget about the gullwing doors -- those were fitted to provide the best view of the interior.


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