Monday, February 8, 2010

Porsche 911 Turbo S unveiled with 530 HP of goodness

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The wunderkinds in Wiessach have wrought a new head of the family in the form of the 2011 911 Turbo S, the first 911 S model in five years and the first for the 997. In Porsche parlance, the S suffix generally means more power and better handling, and this car appears ready to live up to the badge.

As we surmised last August, the twin-turbo flat-six is boosted to 530 horsepower, though it sips fuel at the same rate as the "base" Turbo's with its 500-horsepower engine. All that power and 516 pound-feet of torque are transferred to all four wheels – now 19 inches in diameter with center locking nuts – through Porsche's seven-speed PDK dual clutch gearbox, and a torque vectoring system helps point the car directly where the driver wants it. 0-62 miles per hour should arrive in 3.3 seconds and top speed is pegged at 196 mph. For comparison's sake, the almighty 911 GT2 makes the same amount of horsepower (530), is slower to 62 mph at 3.7 seconds, but beats the new 911 S at the top end with a 204-mph terminal velocity.

Both fixed and folding roof versions of the Turbo S will officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month and go on sale in Europe in May. The coupe will cost €173,241 including 19 percent VAT (the actual base price is €145,400), while the Cabriolet goes €184,546, also including the 19 percent VAT (base price €154,900). U.S. market models should follow soon after.

[Source: Porsche]


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