Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brand new 'Lightweight' Jaguar E-type

Fancy a brand new Lightweight Jaguar E-type that is as close as you will get to the real deal at a fraction of the multi-million-pound price of one of the original 12? Then you'll get your chance at H&H's Motorexpo private sale showcase at Canary Wharf in June.
Dubbed Lightweight number 14, this 1963 car is the result of the painstaking 7000-hour restoration of the Lindner-Nocker factory Low Drag Lightweight that was finally finished last year.
How so? Well, this is quite confusing, so bear with us.
When the Lindner-Nocker Car was first restored by Lynx, the post-crash wreck of Peter Lindner's car was too far gone to use, so the mechanicals were built into an unused genuine Lightweight shell, one of six that Jaguar had built but didn't complete in period.
The mangled remains of the original body and this 'new' car were then displayed alongside each other for years in the Rosso Biano Collection.
Then in 2007 Peter Neumark bought the pair and decided to showcase the skills of his company Classic Motor Cars of Bridnorth by rebuilding the original Lindner-Nocker shell using the metal from the original shell.
And that meant that the shell that Lynx had used – a genuine aluminium Lightweight E monocoque, number 14 of the 18 made – was then going spare.
So CMC did what anyone would do and built it back up to full works spec using a period all-alloy, fuel-injected 3.8-litre XK engine from the Walter Hill Collection mated to an original factory ZF gearbox from Eagle E-types.
Even the seats are original Lightweight E-type items and the number plate – 4 GXO – is eerily close to that of one of the original 12, 2 GXO.
H&H hasn't revealed an asking price for the car, but whether it turns out to be the cheapest "real" Lightweight in the world, or the most expensive replica, one thing you can guarantee is that the workmanship will be top notch.


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