Saturday, May 12, 2012

Call of Juarez [FULL RIP]

As I mentioned earlier I will post all pc games in torrent this is the first torrent game I post.
Hail to Call of Juarez the cartel

Call of Juarez the Cartel is a first person video game developed by Techland. 
This game is part of Call of Juarez game but the set is in modern day Los Angeles and Mexico


*Gripping, cinematic story with unforgettable characters.
*Play in campaign mode with two friends online in three player cooperative mode.
*Huge Selection of weapon
*Wide variety of maps, missions.
*Addictive multiplayer

Download torrent here
Use bittorent or utorrent to download the files from this torrent

Download crack here
*Put all the files in crack in the main folder of the game and put the orbit folder C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/Ubisoft Game Launcher ( by default ). Then launch the game via the launcher.

Wait at least for 45 second to 1 minutes if not working just keep launch the game


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