Thursday, June 21, 2012

Avatar HD (HVGA and QVGA)

Sorry for late to post this games...I never recommended this game before...
Bur,one of my facebook friends ask me to post this game..

First you must have root your phone...
if your phone already follow this step..

-Download Chainfire 3D + Plugins
-Install Chainfire 3D
-Extrcat Plugins file in SD
-Open the Chainfire 3D and allow the super user
-Sellect the CF3D and then install,your phone will restart
-Start the Chainfire 3D again,and select item install plugins
-Wait untill it found the plug-ins .zip file
-After that,go to Default OpenGL setting - use the plugins
-Minimize the Chainfire3D
-Set your phone to airplane mode
-Then go to instalation of avatar game

Download Chainfire 3D + Plugins

QVGA screen size 240 x 320 , HVGA screen size 320 x 480

Download apk for QVGA
Download apk for HVGA
Download data files

Copy data files to Gameloft/game/avatar

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