Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guerrilla Bob 3D on Qvga, Hvga, Wvga

Hey guys, now I want to share an shooter game. This game available on android! A shooting game with stunning and smooth graphic! In this game you'll act as a weird (?) soldier that try to destroy the weird (?) terrorist too! (I call them weird because they look like caricature for me XD) The war of the weird creature lol XD
But event the character is weird but the gameplay is good. You can destroy the terrorist with many weapon, such as machine gun, rifle,and etc. There are many menu that served by this game, there are Arcade Mode, Mercenary Mode, and Survival Mode.  This game is Secondary Person Shoot, so I think you will be easier to control your character. Let's try!

Download Guerrilla Bob 3D  apk + data (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

 Copy data folder to sdcard/android/data, install apk and play!

Tested on Galaxy mini and Galaxy W


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