Monday, October 1, 2012

Ferrari Cars Ready to Show Strongest

Geneva - The Ferrari sports car lovers get ready. Because the Italian manufacturer is now ready to show the strongest road car they've ever made in early March.

Cars that are 599's successor will become the flagship Ferrari in the world and reportedly will be named the Ferrari 620 GT.
As a running start, Ferrari began to provoke curiosity by spreading teaser car before its official public launch at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 will be held early March.
In the published picture, looks hollow body new Prancing Horse troops, meanwhile, Ferrari also published a video duration 35 seconds containing test this car by F1 driver Filipe Massa. When tested, the car is still covered with black cloth.
Ferrari did not specifically describe the ability of rear-wheel drive car, but for sure, for this engine is Ferrari will provide the kitchen runway with a V12 configuration.
Many news that V12 engine in question is a 6.3-liter V12 engine that has a capacity of 520 kW power.
This power is the greatest power given Ferrari on their street version of the car after only powered Ferrari 599 and Ferrari 456 kW 485 kW berkuatan Enzo.


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