Monday, October 1, 2012

Two New Models Lexus Ready to Roll Into Markets

Lexus is preparing a new crossover against BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Not only that, the super coupe LF-LC will also be introduced to the public. - For vehicles from Japan, Lexus supercar aware of the increasingly fierce competition cars. The number of aggressive attacks by some competitors from the United States, Germany, and Italy, making Lexus think hard to 'spawn' quality products.

One blow was the news that Lexus plans to build luxury crossover. The move comes Lexus, it makes the distance with its competitors in the European market.

The Lexus did not want to spit more detailed figures are staying digadang Crossover ready to compete with the BMW X3 and the debut of the Audi Q5 it. Thus was launched, Monday (27/8). It was a new crossover will be produced, after receiving approval from the company.

Even so, the Lexus did not want to see the emptiness products in the automotive market. To that end, bring the super-coupe Lexus LF-LC, a super-luxury coupe sedan built at Calty, California.

2 +2 hybrid concept has a high-tech interior. Namely, touch screen audio system, two 12.3-inch LCD, a pop-up touch keyboard, navigation and control of the weather.

Interior more showed his class with a window that can be controlled by touch screen feature. Log into the machine, the Lexus LF-LC powered engine capacity of 5000 cc V8 hybrid. With such specification, the performance mounts can achieve 500 hp, and it only took 5 seconds to achieve 0-60 mph acceleration. (Princess)


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