Monday, October 1, 2012

The New Alfa Romeo engine powered

The Italian sports car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo 1,800 cc engine developing new aluminum and will be produced in 2013. - Alfa Romeo essential step to reposition its brand globally indicated with the latest machinery manufacture. Alfa Romeo is represented Fiat Group has just introduced its new 1,800 cc engine which is claimed powerful.

Alfa Romeo will produce a new engine turbocharged direct-injection four-cylinder engine capacity of 1,800 cc. Aluminum engine is also expected to be made in the Fiat-owned factory located in Pratola Serra, Italy, 2013.

1,800 cc engine with aluminum construction will be pinning some advanced technologies such as direct fuel injection systems up to 200 bar, dual variable timing and a turbocharger with high efficiency. In addition, the output power of the 1800 cc engine can also be tuned to 300 bhp.

Fiat Group's own party has not revealed which model to use the new machine. However, they explained that the four-cylinder engine can be mounted transversely or longitudinally and already meet the Euro 6 standards. Judging from the possibilities, the first car to use this engine will likely fall to the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe coming. (sgcarmart)


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