Monday, October 1, 2012

Is This The Future Car Ferrari?


Photo: autoevolution
MARANELLO-Talk about the Ferrari will be immediately reminded of a sports car. Companies bearing the Prancing Horse racing was also a successful world arena.
Ferrari is always synonymous with energy-powered cars than average Sarta. Through V6, V8, and V12, which manufacturers use red as the main color is so successful as segmented sports car.
But have you ever thought about how Ferrari will make a step forward in the next 15 years? Autoevolution, Thursday (11/11/2010) mentions no officials Italian manufacturer who wanted to speak out about their plans in the future.
However, from the search results via official website revealed, Ferrari has made a found new car design design car line figure, themed "Ferrari future car design".
Mentioned in the website, this car is the result of a Turkish designer who concocted Ferrari Formula 1 car DNA into a machine in the future with the concept of "kazimdoku".



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