Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cool Accent Car Photo images

Hyundai Accent SR
accent car photo
Image by MSVG

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North American International Auto Show - Day 1
accent car photo
Image by BenSpark

Photo-A-Day #2103

I attended the North american International Auto show as a guest of General Motors. I was part of the ChevyNAIAS blogger team there and as such had a press pass to attend and shoot at all the press events. This is the all new Chevy Sonic, a tricked out sport version that I really like, might put blue accents on mine. More at

You park like an...
accent car photo
Image by Jami Dwyer
Puerto Rican drivers are the worst drivers I have ever seen. Turn signals must never wear out there, and they completely ignore lines on the road. At one point, an oncoming truck swerved right into our lane, with a cop right in front of us. The cop just kept on goin'.

This parking job was outside our hotel in Condado. We'd parked (the gray car) the night before, close to (but not touching!) the car in front of us. This subsequent car decided we hadn't left him enough room, it seems.

The gal at the Enterprise rental car office was pushing the supplemental insurance pretty hard. I was having none of it, never having caused a car accident. "Puerto Rican drivers are... bad," she said in her Puerto Rican accent. "We get probably seven accidents a day returned here." I took the insurance. We never needed it, but at times like this picture, I was glad I had it anyway.

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Quebecian in Arkansas
accent car photo
Image by ddrucker
Spotted on Davie. As I was taking the photo, the driver came out and confirmed that he was indeed born in Quebec (and had the accent), but was now living in Arkansas

accent car photo
Image by ASurroca
I saw a burgundy car parked at a hotel with burgundy doors. Didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. Oh, well. It's the second time I noticed a car parked in front of a like-accented building in about a week.


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