Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cool Od Car Photo images

Yet Another Mishap On MY Highway
od car photo
Image by Phil's 1stPix
It's a real life game of Frogger on the Extension as cars and trucks dodge a loose load of PVC in the southbound lanes. [Frogger was an arcade and video game, before there were video games...]

M2 Freightliner Rollback
1/64 Wreckers
1/64 Boats
OD Doubles
1/64 LowBoy
1/64 Bucket
1/64 Container Trucks
Pony Delivery
Goodyear Mercedes Benz

The Rest of the Story (on the 1stPix Dioramas FaceBook Page)

W&OD #504....or is it?
od car photo
Image by marc.benton
This caboose is on display at the Herndon Train Depot Museum and Visitors Center. After some research though I learned it was originally a Norfolk Southern line car that was redesignated for the display.

Find other photos and information from this spot here.

BMW 1502
od car photo
Image by magro_kr
Zasypane śniegiem BMW 1502, w tym samym miejscu od poprzedniej zimy, ul. Zygmunta Augusta, Gdańsk, 28 stycznia 2010 r.
BMW 1502 under the snow, still in the same place since the previous winter, Zygmunta Augusta str., Gdańsk, January 28, 2010

Lincoln Continental
od car photo
Image by L.C.Nøttaasen
Thanks for letting us play with your cars and bikes! :oD
Texture by SkeletalMess

BMW 1 series (E87 Hatchback) M Sport
od car photo
Image by L.C.Nøttaasen
Trying out some car photography at night with my brother.

Best photo of the bunch, no flash reflections in the paint on this one.

Nikon D90 placed on tripod.
One hand held bare Nikon SB-600 triggered manually multiple times. You can see some of the flash bursts in the photo (see notes)

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