Monday, January 28, 2013

Cool Car Engine Photo images

car engine photo
Image by rnrlogo

Engine Company 5
car engine photo
Image by pixieclipx
Even though this picture did not turn out very good, I'm posting it because
these guys were so nice. I saw their truck coming down Fillmore and stepped
out into the street just slightly, next to my car, and got my camera ready
to pix the big, red fire truck coming my way. I guess they saw me and were
nice enough to give me a little show. They turned on all the lights, no
siren of course, and all the guys waved as they went by. Unfortuneatly, the
lighting was really bad, and my lens was not in proper position to capture
the rig as it came up so close. If you view Large, you can see the Engineer
(the driver) either waving or turning on the lights as the switches are
overhead in the Engine he's driving.

San Francisco Fire Department - Engine Company 5

Engine of the car
car engine photo
Image by friskierisky
Captured near Newcastle

Dodge Red Ram
car engine photo
Image by RichSPK
From the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation.

Big Bang
car engine photo
Image by jwinfred


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