Monday, January 14, 2013

Nice Stock Car Photo photos

Pure Stock - Brighton Ontario Speedway - 025
stock car photo
Image by Robert Scott Photography
Picture This Pure Stock at Brighton Ontario Speedway.

Photo Editing Tutorials - Flickr Photographer Profiles Blog

From the car
stock car photo
Image by jasminejennyjen

Downtown Seattle
stock car photo
Image by Dave Hoefler
From my window I observe the traffic -
Cars parked in the void
Or speed up in order
To catch themselves returning.
The world seems indefinable, dim
As if I were blinded by the steam
From some distant cauldron
Where the evil of creation
Is stewing in its own juice.
The infatuation bodies used to provoke -
Where has the infatuation gone?
How can a wounded memory
Count absences?
Has the content of life changed
Or does my person no longer offer
Sufficient future
For life to contain me?

Never before have so many questions
Weighed down my poems
Never before has imagination
Omitted to give me
So many answers.
From now on you’ll find
Hardly any descriptions of nature
In my lines;
This is because
I’m concentrating totally
On trying to imagine the face
Of the one who will promise me
Present eternity
For just one moment.

"Present Eternity" - Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke

stock car photo
Image by rubyblossom.
***Please, feel free to use my Textures, Backgrounds, Stock, etc., in your Artwork.
If you do use them, I would love it if you would please post your work in my group, Ruby's Treasures.

...Please DO NOT redistribute as your own...

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creative: taking bunny on car ride 2
stock car photo
Image by simplyla


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