Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nice Car Photo Album photos

pretty girl with baby
car photo album
Image by deflam
From my grandma's photo album. When she feels better, I might ask her who is who. The girl looks young, so maybe she's not the mother? probably is the mother.

Album Page 1
car photo album
Image by gem66
This is a page from an old album that belonged to my Aunt Lois. One of many that I have scanned. I think at the time these were taken she and my mom were living either in Kansas or Oklahoma. In the top left photo, my mom is second from the left. The others are her siblings. I'm not sure about the other photos. The car looks like a Ford Model T to me.
For the StorySets group, the album is broken out into separate photos in the following set:

Tokyo by night
car photo album
Image by zubrow
Travel style: no postprocessing, no tripod, a little bit drunk...

More pictures of my japan trip in the Japan album

Going Way Back
car photo album
Image by Mark Faviell Photos
This is from my grandmothers photo album. Reminds me of Mr Toad and his wild ride

On the road
car photo album
Image by zubrow
More pictures of Liuba in the Liuba album


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