Sunday, January 6, 2013

a Viper in a Cobra

a Viper in a Cobra
car engine photo
Image by fensterbme
you see all kinds of engines in Cobra's... this is a pretty uncommon one.

The London Cobra Show put on by the Ohio Cobra Club... this thing was pretty huge with hundreds and hundreds of Cobras on display and driving around town. If you like cars are in Ohio this is definitely something worth driving out to see.

I don't normally capture stuff like this... but I like cars and was invited out by a friend so I drug my camera along for the ride just for fun. Click Here to see the rest of the photos from the set.

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Photo-A-Day #839b 07/26/07
car engine photo
Image by BenSpark
Allison and I strolled around the neighborhood block party. More at The BenSpark

140/365: Service
car engine photo
Image by DavidDMuir
A constant drain on resources!

(See the photo from this day in 2008.)

{Still trying to catch up with posting my photo a day!}

Car Engine
car engine photo
Image by 49er Faithful

1953 Jaguar Engine
car engine photo
Image by friskierisky
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