Friday, January 4, 2013

Cool Honda City Car Photo images

"In the City"
honda city car photo
Image by Gamma-Ray Productions
"He is just a boy, in the city"

Haven't done a Madness reference in a long time, and this one's the kind I'd want to get perfect because the song is so interesting and fun to me.

The song itself isn't really about much of anything - it was recorded primarily for a commercial TV ad for Honda City Cars - but the lyrics kind of tell the story of the hurly-burly life of a young man in a big city making his own way in the world.

This was not an easy task as the humidity was high making the lens cloud and I forgot the memory card the first time. It's not too bad.

What really inspired me to take this image is a similar photo I found of the exact same place - Bronson at Somerset, with the Gatineau sign - taken by a friend of mine whom I happen to see personality-wise synesthetically in the song. Add in that I was at my father's and this is close by making it very familiar and known to me, and it all works.

Bronson intersection in Chinatown.

January 27: Zipcar Dropoff
honda city car photo
Image by Adam Kuban
Took out "Zipcar Clyde" for an hour or so. It's a Honda Civic. I've been a fan of Civics since owning an '86 Civic SI hatchback from 1991 to 1997. Great car but it eventually threw a rod and there was no point in repairing that kind of damage.

At the time, Civics were the low end of the Honda spectrum, but I'm told by my sister that a brand new Civic now is quite expensive. Seems it's no longer an economy car. For that, you'd probably have to go with the Honda Fit, which looks more in spirit of what the original Civic used to be — a small, fuel-efficient city car.

If they have it, I'd like to take out a Fit through Zipcar and see how it drives.

The Bristol Pegasus Motor Club Castle Combe Tuition and Track Day 11th August 2012
honda city car photo
Image by Martyn @ Negaro
All the images now uploaded to my website! Please do stop by and have a look through the high res images. Click the slide show button and relax in full screen glory!


72 celica
honda city car photo
Image by Runs With Scissors
the owner bought this car and began fixing it up after renovating a 1970 Honda 60. he had a photo album in his trunk that he broke out and showed me. there were shots of his two daughters growing up as he renovated the honda.

i was moved.

Honda Personal-Neo Urban Transport, P-NUT
honda city car photo
Image by Honda News
The Honda Personal-Neo Urban Transport, P-NUT, design study model which demonstrates a futuristic concept for an ultra-compact and sophisticated city coupe, is unveiled by American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Wedensday, Dec. 2, 2009 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Photo/American Honda Motor Co., Susan Goldman, handout.


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