Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nice India Car Photo photos

Furious Cyclone "Nilam"
india car photo
Image by VinothChandar
The furious cyclone "Nilam" not only has brought heavy rains but it has intensified into a heavy cyclonic storm. The marina beach in Chennai is completely flooded and the heavy storm is throwing the beach sand all over with huge force. It was like a sandstorm. My t-shirt and my car cover were torn in to pieces due to the force of the storm.

Looks Beautiful in Large!
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Lady Dolls and a Party
india car photo
Image by GoDakshin
Small Dolls (on horse and lion :) ) are seen at a party with cars and buses smaller than them

Where I took the photos from my car
india car photo
Image by Swami Stream

Life next to the fast lane
india car photo
Image by FrogStarB
the guy was sleeping when i saw him.. then suddenly sat up looking at the cars zoom by ..
at Indian oil traffic signal, andheri west


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