Friday, February 15, 2013

Nice Photo Of Police Car photos

Police Car on sandy Ocean Parkway: Brighton Beach after Hurricane Sandy
photo of police car
Image by drpavloff
Hurricane Sandy aftermath where Brighton Beach meets Coney Island

Complete set of photos on facebook

Norwegian Police
photo of police car
Image by Metziker
Norwegian police blocking off a street after a fake bomb was located inside a car trying to enter the US embassy.

After a two hour lockdown, 500 meter radius evacuation of the Royal Castle, the Prime ministers office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The halting of subway traffic in the area and the cancellation of Norway Cup international children's soccer game at nearby Voldslokka Stadium (so a Sea King rescue helicopter could land) it was discovered that the fake bomb was actually a prop used by the US embassy in anti-terror drills and that the US embassy staff had forgotten to take it off.

photo of police car
Image by Sherlock77 (James)
A fleet of 1957 Chevy police cars, Toronto Police Department

[Images from Old Autos newspaper - they publish an old photo every issue on the last page, plus many other wonderful period pictures of old cars throughout]

Approaching Dandenong road
photo of police car
Image by ajft
Photo 8 in a series of 13: This is the largest intersection on the
morning commute, a seemingly endless expanse of tarmac where Dandenong
road and North road cross. Note the Police car sitting in the
bus-only lane, waiting to illegally turn left, and forcing the bus into
the left traffic lane.

Police light | 16/365
photo of police car
Image by Surat Lozowick
The flashing lights of a police car in my mirror after I was pulled over for having a headlight out. Fortunately, the officer let me go and the headlight was easily made functional again with a simple kick. I was hoping to take another picture for my photo of the day, but I lost track of time and decided to use this picture instead of taking one after midnight.


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