Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top Gear James May IMG_6439

Top Gear James May IMG_6439
top car photo
Image by tonylanciabeta
2008 AutoItalia Italian car day
Stanford Hall

Top Cable car station Table mountain cable car in parallel and cross eye 3D
top car photo
Image by 3dstereopics
These are "Triplet" 3D pictures, Left + Centre picture are for parallel viewing Right + Centre picture are for cross eyed viewing.
If you can see "Magic Eye" (stereogram) pictures, you can see these in 3D, use the same technique to look at the left and center pictures together, merge the two pictures and they will "Snap" into 3D.
This is called "parallel" viewing, however you are limited to the size you can view, much bigger than this size and it doesn't work.
The only way to see these at full size is with the "Cross eyed" technique, this takes practice and you need to go
"Cross eyed" and use your right eye to look at the center picture, and your left eye to look at the right hand picture.
I have the boring 2D version of this picture available on request.

Open top cars
top car photo
Image by Caro's Lines
Vintage cars for your shelves - in window of KATZ on Gloucester Road

Tip Top Shoe Sign
top car photo
Image by nouveaustar
The Tip Top shoe building - home of the ill-fated booksale


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