Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The New 2012 Toyota Fortuner!

The New 2012 Toyota Fortuner!
fortuner car photo
Image by thienzieyung
We took our car for service today at the Toyota Dealer at Kolombong. While waiting there, I spotted the newest version of the Toyota Fortuner. It is a new one parked at the customers' parking area so I admired it for a while, after which I took some photos. The lights have changed a lot and so has the grill. It keeps on looking better and better!

After taking photos
fortuner car photo
Image by Miroslav Petrasko (blog.hdrshooter.net)
This photo was taken after a beautiful sunset which I spend taking photos in the woods (which I already shared on this blog :)), and we were on the way back. This was the great car we used to get there :). As this was taken some time after the sunset, the sky was this light blue which almost looked like white in the photos. I was thinking of making it more blue, but then decided against it. I left the car, the darkest part of the photo.

In this shot I really played with the distortion, which is created with a wide angle lens. The Camera was maybe 1m from the car at F18 to still keep it sharp. It almost looks like the car is bend :)

HDR from three shots, taken with Canon 450D with Sigma 10-20mm lens, from a tripod.

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