Saturday, December 29, 2012

Arriving from the space ship

Arriving from the space ship
cable car photo
Image by Jsome1
Cable car arriving zone, tunnel.
Tunel do teleférico na Penha, Guimarães.
HDR photo.

cable car
cable car photo
Image by angshah
This cable car, which connects Nan'an and Yuzhong, is 20 years old. I found this photo showing what it looked like in 1984:

Wellington Cable Car
cable car photo
Image by Velvet Android
[Thanks to Maya for the photo]

Running since 1902 on a seven-minute scenic climb through a couple of northern suburbs to the Botanic Gardens

Greenwich Peninsula Emirates Air Line cable car station in London
cable car photo
Image by Karen V Bryan
Riding the Emirates Air Line between Royal Victoria & North Greenwich:

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Muni # 12 Pow & Mkt 9-9-10 1
cable car photo
Image by THE Holy Hand Grenade!
San Francisco, CA Muni Railway Cable Car # 12 lays over near the Powell and Market Street turntable, with one of the personnel (the conductor, I think...) trying to keep his hand warm (...and smoking, not allowed on the car...) standing beside the car. Taken by a Nikon D40x at ISO 1600 with a Nikon 18-55mm non-VR kit lens (at 26) Exposed 1/15th of a second.

There a a variety of light sources providing the illumination for this available light photo - including sodium-vapor & mercury vapor lamps, neon lighting, fading daylight, and fluorescent and incandescent store window displays.


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