Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cool Hammer Car Photo images

USSR, Ukrainian SSR, Kirovograd 1960 series passenger plate
hammer car photo
Image by woody1778a
Kirovograd Ukraine is a wonderful, charming little town of 270,000 in the center of Ukraine. It is about 5 hours by car south-east of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

The town is quiet and you can literally sit in the main street the traffic is so slow. There are several very inexpensive restaurants that you can eat very well for about .00 per person. The local people are quite friendly but there are not many foreigners in Kirovograd and you will be very exotic

Walking around Kirovograd you will see statues of Lenin, statues of Kiro the soviet hero, and many many buildings with communist hammer and cycle emblem. Kirovograd is one of the few cities in Ukraine that retains it former Soviet sites.

All in all, you will find Kirovograd a friendly and welcoming city and will be able to enjoy yourself with little expense.

HotWheels - First Editions
hammer car photo
Image by Leap Kye
See if you identify all these cars by adding notes on them! OR perhaps which is your favourite...

All these are the FE series, or First Edition cars, which first appeared in HotWheels mainline (every year)

Daisy gets an overhaul
hammer car photo
Image by deepwarren
see the before photo
for the grand total of we replaced one headlight & a panel.. and it isn't as hard to pull a car apart as one might think. Went to Cath's place (loads of hammers and tools) and did the repair thing. Only problem being that we can't quite get the bumper to go back on...things have shifted.

Scottish Hammer Throw
hammer car photo
Image by BoSoxBrent
Bad photo....I accidentally focused in on the cars. :(

Lamborghini Countachs
hammer car photo
Image by Sumlin
Loads of them. The Countach came with a hammer under the dash so, if you rolled the car and were upside down and therefore stuck because of the doors, you could smash your way out of the windscreen. A sobering thought seeings I would think a high percentage of these cars have been upside down at some point. Or on fire.
Lamborghini Owner's Club display at Silverstone in 1991 I think.


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