Friday, December 21, 2012

California green

California green
i10 car photo
Image by kevin dooley
The lush green of California irrigation, on I-10 near Beaumont, approaching Riverside.

Van Horn, Texas
i10 car photo
Image by TomSpinker
Interstate 10 through Van Horn, Texas.
26 Sept 2008 around 11:00 am.
Taken from the southwest corner of Van Horn, looking north; truck is going east.
Most of the businesses in Van Horn are along one main street called Broadway. The red car in the middle of the photo is turning onto Broadway. Broadway parallels I10 and was the route of the original highway before I10 was constructed.


i10 car photo
Image by MrAnathema
Sitting in the "parking lot" of the west-bound I-10, about 40 miles outside of Blythe. There was a major accident up ahead, so I took advantage of this opportunity for photo's I'll never get again.

yes, I am laying down in the middle of the freeway.

some of my favorite overpasses
i10 car photo
Image by evilgurl
these are on I10 in houston. i figured out with my phone in the car mount to use as a GPS i could also have a dash cam & then take photos things i liked on the road & i love these.


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