Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cool Smart Car Photo images

Go-Kart (based on Smart car?)
smart car photo
Image by Chris Devers
Saw this Baja Motorsports BR150-1 go-kart today at the BJ's store in Woburn. Is it me, or is this basically the skeleton of a Smart Fortwo car?

Obviously the details don't quite match -- headlights too close together, engine too small, etc -- but this go-kart seems if nothing else at least inspired by the Smart car. Now I'm curious what the frame of a Smart would look like with all the panels removed...

Apologies for the crappy picture quality & hamfisted retouching to salvage a recognizeable image. I blame my meager digital darkroom skills, the shoddy (and probably smudged) iPhone camera, and the squirming infant in my other arm that was yelling "daddy! daddy! sit! drive it! down! drive it!"

Smart Car & Kayak
smart car photo
Image by cabbit
Spring 2012 -- VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada -- A smart car is parked on Beatty st, with a kayak strapped to the roof. -- PHOTO BY ANDREW FERGUSON

Camera: Yashica-A
Film: Fuji Velvia 100F
Focal Length: 80mm
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter: 1/100
Metering: LightMeter app
Processing: Minor dust removal, sharpening, & minor contrast adjustment

Smart Car
smart car photo
Image by .imelda
42/365:The security guys at my work complex use Smart Cars to drive around. I had to take a photo for my Project 365! but not too excited about this one.

Smart Car goes to the mall
smart car photo
Image by HandsLive
Time to remove some old photos from the camera. And hey, Smart Car.

Smart (but dirty) Car.JPG
smart car photo
Image by deglispiriti


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