Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A "Big 3" Bailout???

A "Big 3" Bailout???
big car photo
Image by cobalt123
A composition to highlight concern over the current political discussion in the US over whether or not to "bailout" the "Big 3" car manufacturers with a "loan".

All day I've heard the news on the radio and saw newspapers that quote lawmakers expressing support or outrage. Usually this pontificating is based on a variation of one of these three concepts:

1. The manufacturers have designed the wrong vehicles.

2. The manufacturers have wasted money.

3. There are thousands of jobs in jeopardy and hundreds of bankruptcies of associated suppliers to the Big 3 car manufacturers.

I'd just like to point out that for years we have heard that the biggest expense headaches for these car manufacturers are their expenses for retirees and for health care. I can't stomach a bailout in any way it is termed, when the biggest threat to the US economy is clearly the incredible rising costs of health care and reform needed that will anger the lobbyists for medical insurance, pharmaceuticals, malpractice lawyers and some medical practitioners. Any move to make cost-effective changes in public policy have been decried too long as "socialism". Give me a break, FIX the darn problems, don't call it by other names when the elephant is in the living room!

Google Earth car @the Abode of Chaos - google-earth123020
big car photo
Image by Abode of Chaos
Google Earth Car
Abode of Chaos
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big car photo
Image by Austin Robert Dickson
Audra and her video. First roll from my LCA.

Amanda Lynn Veldkamp
big car photo
Image by ashley.adcox
We were given access to Big Car's new property in Lafayette Square for an IndyStrobist group shoot. It used to be an auto service center and is now in the process of being converted to a community art center. This is easily the COOLEST location I've ever shot at, especially the second floor of the back room (where the rest of the photos were taken).

Up until today I've never had any experience using gels. This was a pretty cool introduction, because it completely enhanced the industrial atmosphere.


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