Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nice Cable Car Photo photos

Coming or Going
cable car photo
Image by Swamibu
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A shot of two cable cars raching one of the transfer stations along the route in Barcelona, Spain.

Originally built in 1928 the cable cars run over the port, past the main tourist area of Las Ramblas, the world trade center and take you upto the castle on Montjuic mountain.

Cable car trip San Francisco California 2006 0329
cable car photo
Image by Corvair Owner
A view from the cable car on the Powell Hyde line, soon after leaving Fisherman's Wharf. This photo was shot through the front window of the car.

me waiting for the tour to start
cable car photo
Image by Newbirth35
September 25, 2008 - We rode in a motorized cable car.

cable car photo
Image by UnofficialSquaw.com
JT Holmes base jumping from the cable car at Squaw Valley.

Calbe Cars
cable car photo
Image by orionlee


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